The first Cloud as a Service Platform


Cloud as a Service means offering all IT business aspects as a service with an attached a price or a cost. A tool for Cloud Brokers, Managed Service Providers (MSP), Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), Internet Service Providers to upgrade their service delivery. Manage your clients and services from one platform seamlessly. Up your game with your clients.

Designed on the concept of Infrastructure as Code (IaC), it eliminates the need for any manual intervention. This implies working at greater speed with higher precision.

The platform is built on comprehensive APIs – is described in Git and YAML – automates and schedules cloud infrastructures – is idempotent and repeatable.

Our focus

Private Cloud on premise 100%
Infrastructure as Code 100%
Cloud as a Service 100%

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ahomé demystifies the cloud

4 reasons to work with ahomé


Vendor Lock out / Freedom

Unlock your business from one singular vendor. With ahomé Cloud as a Service, make migration fearless. Move your data easily across providers with our automated documentation process.  Migrate your data to totally different types of environment with no stress. ahomé brings you freedom to manage your business independently of cloud providers.



Built on Infra as Code (IaC), ahomé self service portal gives full control to IT department to manage the IT infrastructure at all times. Higher management can access the comprehensive dashboard to see how resources are being used and their related costs. Employees can access documents, share files, work from anywhere, boosting team productivity and work motivation.


Costs Visibility

Start small and scale up as your business grow. Our aim is to make the cloud available to everybody without breaking the bank. With ahomé Cloud as a Service, be aware of the costs of your infrastructure at all times. If you are reselling your services, stay aware of your turnover as well as margin on each service line, and make more efficient business decisions.


Personalised Support

You are more than an anonymous reference number. We know our clients personally and ensure a personalised support. Our focus rests on customer experience as we are passionate about our product. And we wish our clients to feel the same. Our aim is to make your work environment more pleasant to allow you to focus on real added value tasks for your company.

Scale as needed

Make ahomé Cloud as a Service work for you

Cloud as a Service can help Cloud Brokers be more productive
Cloud Brokers

Manage the use, the performance and delivery of all your cloud services from one intuitive platform. Let ahomé focus on complexities, while you entertain your client relationships.

ahomé Cloud as a Service helps Managed Service Providers impress their clients
Managed Service Providers

Impress your clients with a proactive service delivery. Actively manage your client accounts with ahomé full service tool. It helps maintain, monitor, support and report with a hands on approach.

Cloud as a Service helps Managed Security Service Providers be more efficient
Managed Security Service Providers

Run all your supervision tools like Intel MQ, Kibana, ElasticSearch from one platform. Always be on alert about your client’s system security and be ready to intervene within seconds.

ahomé helps Internet Service provider/ Datacenter make money out of their infrastructure
Internet Service provider/ Datacenter

ahomé enables ISPs and datacenters to make money out of their infrastructure. It allows them to diversify their services and resell different types of products to local companies.

Africa Cloud

ahomé brings the Cloud to AFRICA.

Pay less | Develop the local economy | Create local employment | Keep data local

Product Suite

Choose your ahomé

ahomé Private Hosted Cloud

ahomé Private Hosted Cloud

Convert your existing on premise infrastructure into a secure cloud based infrastructure. Keep your data local and safe. No additional investment, only benefits.
ahomé Datacentre

ahomé Datacentre

Upgrade your datacenter infrastructure into a cloud service provider. Encourage local companies in your region to keep their data local, accessible and safe with you.
ahomé Multicloud

ahomé Multicloud

Designed for complex IT architecture handling several cloud providers. ahomé multicloud consolidates in one unique self service platform multiple cloud providers, security, back up, SDN, cloud applications among others.
ahomé Online

ahomé Online

Based on a pay as you go subscription model. Take advantage of ahomé automated processes and easily manage your infrastructure through your ahomé interface. Manage like a pro with efficiency and productivity with ahomé online.
ahomé Plug & Play

ahomé Plug & Play

An affordable pre packaged solution. Ideal for small businesses looking for a private cloud on premises. ahomé Plug & Play is ready to be executed from a personal laptop or small hardware device such as Intel NUC, raspberry pi.

"ahomé demystifies the cloud.

With automation at its best, focus on analytics and related business opportunities. "

Modernise your operations

ahomé helps your business grow



Simplify your operations with a seamless automated infrastructure. Focus on business analytics and improvements rather than technical competencies of IT staff. This is a real scarcity in today's world.


Stay aware of the availability of your resources. Know how they are being used and where the IT investment costs are going. Obtain company insights and make business decisions based on data and not subjective thoughts.


We help you work in modern times. Go paperless, be accessible easily, work from anywhere, enjoy collaborative management, obtain automated reports among many others.

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Integrated in ahomé

Providers and Technologies

IBM Cloud
Alibaba Cloud
Oracle cloud