ahomé has a diversified product portfolio.
A diversified Portfolio

ahomé Products

ahomé products are tailor made for Cloud businesses namely Cloud Brokers, Managed Service Providers, Manages Security Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, Datacenters among others. It is a self service IT portal designed on the concept of Infrastructure as a Code.

Its features and functionalities make ahomé products highly customisable and powerful.

Top functionalities

Key Features of ahomé products

100% Open Source Tools

100% Open Source Tools

ahomé products offer all the benefits of open source: cost efficiency, flexibility, freedom, security, accountability among others.
Infrastructure Health Status

Infrastructure Health Status

Multi-tenancy: ahomé manages multiple organisations and set ownership to different entities.
Built In Dynamic Inventory

Built In Dynamic Inventory

Use built-in dynamic inventory to discover your resources and manage them (Red Hat Satellite, VmWare vCenter, Netbox, KVM….)
Automated Documentation

Automated Documentation

A small job but a priority often neglected. ahomé products ensure the system is automatically documented in one space.
Product Modules

Deep Dive ahomé Products

Inventory & Documentation

Document your sites, networks, hardware, datacenter location, IP resources, internet links, network diagram, contacts, all in one place with one wizard.

Network Infrastructure & SDN

Automate the way to provision, configure and maintain physical network infrastructure such as layer 2 and 3 equipment (routers, switches...) and virtual network infrastructure like SDN (OpenvSwitch, vSwitch...).

Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster-recovery-site on demand. Set up a proper disaster recovery plan and deploy if needed a complete disaster recovery site

Storage Infrastructure

Automate the way to create and manage storage infrastructure (Gluster, Ceph, NFS and POSIX compliant share storage...).

Cloud Applications & Infrastructure services

ahomé provides a collection of tools that will assess the documented infrastructure and will suggest and fix if required vulnerabilities and security threats. Customizable and adapted according to the environment.

Back up Solution

ahomé makes an automatic assessment of your documented infrastructure and will suggest and deploy a proper backup plan.

Security & Vulnerability

ahomé provides a collection of tools that will assess the documented infrastructure and will suggest and fix if required vulnerabilities and security threats. Customizable and adapted according to the environment.

Billing - Pay as you use

ahomé allows a better cost management of the Cloud infrastructure (customers, usage-based, free trials, subscriptions fees).

Looking for an affordable Cloud on Premise?


Our Products

ahomé Private Hosted Cloud

ahomé Private Hosted Cloud is able to convert an existing in house infrastructure into a cloud based infrastructure using existing hardware devices such as in house servers, NUC, Raspberry pi, Vmware, proxmox and any other. No additional investment required to have a private cloud on premises.

ahomé product: Private Hosted Cloud
ahomé datacenter product enables any datacentre to convert its infrastructure

ahomé Datacenter

ahomé datacentre enables any datacentre to convert its infrastructure to become a Cloud Datacenter and resell services like a Cloud Service Provider. Move away from the traditional datacenter and offer better performance, better capacity and better server management to clients. With ahomé virtualisation and automation processes, accelerate and expand your datacenter business.

Start small and scale up as needed. Develop your region and encourage local companies to keep their data local, accessible and safe with you.

ahomé Multicloud

ahomé multicloud helps manage large infrastructure on one unique platform consolidating multiple cloud providers, security, back up, SDN, cloud applications among others, while keeping a constant visibility on costs and usage.

With ahomé Multicloud, standardise your procedures and let automation facilitate a clean infrastructure management. Maintain a constant visibility on your infrastructure with a comprehensive dashboard showing constant monitoring, activity stream and alerts. Benefit from numerous features such as idempotency, role based access control, multi tenancy , customisation, freedom to move across providers, integration with public providers and private cloud management among many others.

ahomé multicloud product helps manage large infrastructure on one unique platform
ahomé online product is ideal for start ups, small and medium enterprises

ahomé Online

Ideal for start ups, small and medium enterprises, ahomé online proposes a subscription model, where companies can better manage their IT costs. Buy your subscription based on your needs and access your ahomé interface where you can manage your whole infrastructure. Upgrade or limit your costs easily. Allow your team to work from anywhere and enable easy online collaborative work.

ahomé Plug & Play

The Plug & Play solution is an affordable solution for start up companies looking for a private hosted cloud (Cloud on premise).

ahomé Plug & Play is a pre-packaged cloud solution ready to  be executed from a personal laptop or small hardware device (Intel NUC, raspberry pi).  No need to provision machines, network accesses and all other time consuming configurations. The end-user only specifies the kind of solution required and where it needs to be deployed, and ahomé on premise will automatically provision and configure all necessary machines, storage and network accesses.

Plug & Play for low budgets
We offer

Added Values Services


ahomé proposes everything as a service and can be fully customised to each client’s specifications and needs. It can also be white labelled to your colours and brand to be inline with your image.


Behind ahomé is a team of DevOps and cloud infrastructure architects who can provide personalised consultation and guidance on tech choices, infrastructure architecture and others.


An active team dedicated to educate young people across Africa on cloud computing. Regular workshops are organised for young professionals looking for a career in cloud computing.


ahomé offers personalised support to each of its client. All bugs and issues are fixed within 48 hours. We look for constant inputs from our clients to improve our customer experience.


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See for yourself.

  • Import existing infrastructures.
  • Create a visual representation of the target cloud infrastructure to build or to provision.
  • Generate the complete inventory of the entire network or only a portion of it.
  • Capacity planning because it will show the of IP addresses usage.

And much more….