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A product of Cloud Inspire

ahomé is a product developed and commercialised by Cloud Inspire sas. The company is a start up, which was set up in February 2019 and accredited by the French Tech.

The mastermind behind ahomé and Cloud Inspire is our CEO/Founder, who himself has a vast experience in Cloud Computing. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, designing and deploying critical infrastructure in Africa and France for a range of different industries, ranging from Government bodies to financial companies, ahomé Cloud as a Service became an evidence to change the work philosophy behind IT routine work.

This has further led to the concept of Africa Cloud, which is providing all the mandatory systems to build and maintain a resilient private cloud infrastructure for the realities of the Africa region.

Our Mission & Objective

Educate & Transform the way IT is perceived and used. Make IT become the engine for business success.

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Our team

A bunch of passionate people

Our work Philosophy at Cloud Inspire

Innovative thinking

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A word from our CEO

Danny Afahounko - CEO of Cloud Inspire sas

ahomé is my dream come true. A revolutionary self-service tool based on a concept of Infrastructure as a Code, which will make all of you, from CTO to administrators, smile. It is automation at its best, helping you make money, gain time and constantly be aware of the state of health of your infrastructure. I have put in all my expertise and passion into the development of ahomé, with the idea of transforming the way IT is perceived – IT can be a profit center. ahomé is today ready to be deployed and to innovate the way we work. I warmly invite you to contact us for a demo or for more information.